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Monsters At Large

"Hi, I'm glad to see you… This website has monsters looking for cute girls like me to play with… shivers… I'll take a peek inside just hold on tight… Roue is a comic book artist gone mad! Remember those comics you read by flashlight in the middle of the night when you thought no one was watching? Roue was there! And now he presents for your viewing pleasure all the same drawing styles with a very grown up flair! Here you find the heroes don't always win, and the aliens are indeed invading - everything from a girl's sex and her butt to mouths en masse! Thick veined male parts slick with semen waiting for human women to appease their unearthly appetites of the flesh!

Roue writes with a flair that matches his artistic drawings, and sacrifices heroines in spandex to the unbridled lust of desperate, not-to-be-contained scientific monstrosities. Oh my… Let's be really careful… We don't want the monsters to see us… Or maybe you do… Would you like to see me in the clutches of some scary alien? shudders at the look in your eyes… L-Let me tell you more about this site…

See clothing ripped from the bodies of unsuspecting women walking down the street, doing average female things like participating in beauty pageants or dance contests. And picture with Roue's tender assistance the looks of horror and fear on their faces as the alien invasions begin and go on and on and on! Read about ghastly creatures devouring delicious femmes in distress, all with Roue's traditional comic book art style. He is a master of black and white with a wonderful knack for grey shadowing - and he's mastered the erotic art of women in distress! shivers… I should go now before the aliens see me… I hope you enjoyed this little sample of Roue's world… Thanks for holding onto my… Well… I hope to see you again soon… Bye for now…"


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